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There is something about being the first and the best. When launched in 1970, the Range Rover paved the way, not only for further generations of Range Rover, but for a whole motoring segment – the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

From its earliest functional models in 1970 to the height of luxury in 1996, the Range Rover Classic has drawn acclaim for its versatility and style – now recognised for over fifty years. Today, the Range Rover Classic is as much sought after as it ever was – by enthusiasts, collectors and those that want something special that is unavailable in the showrooms.

All Types of Range Rover Classic

At TWENTY-TEN Engineering, we enable that ambition to be realised for owners in the regeneration of an icon. From traditional classic to custom classic, we are proud to be able to show what the best looks like today

Range Rover Classic
Traditional Classic
Custom Classic

Twenty-Ten Engineering

Conceived in 2009, the business that is TWENTY-TEN Engineering Limited started on the southern edge of the Midlands conurbation. Now operating out of purpose-built workshops in Redditch, our team of mechanical and body-shop technicians create value for those that entrust their vehicles to us.   Each project receives the attention of our lead technical expert, Phil Holland, whilst our team diligently apply their skills to ensure that your asset is protected against the effects of the years and miles to come.
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Build Your Perfect Super Classic

Why not map out your dream Classic through our configurator? From 2-door to 4-door, standard wheelbase to LSE, a multitude of colours and wheel combinations. Your bespoke design gives you the opportunity to envision your preferences from the comfort of your home.

Drawing of Range Rover

We designed the layout of our new facilities based on years of experience at the factory, and in the industry to suit our meticulous working methods and attention to detail. Striving for the best in the regeneration of your vehicle.

Life is too short, drive a Range Rover... Contact us TODAY!