About Us

Twenty-Ten Engineering was conceived by Phil Holland in 2009 following years of experience at Land Rover and decades of enthusiasm for Range Rover Classics. Originally based in the outskirts of south Birmingham, the business quickly out-grew its premises several times before resolving to develop our purpose-designed workshops in Redditch.

We undertake a wide variety of work on Range Rover Classics – from routine servicing and repairs to major restoration and modification – regenerating traditional Classics and building custom Classics.

Our ethos recognises the needs of both customers and our staff, and our closely-knit team works seamlessly across all projects.

Twenty-Ten Engineering History

The roots of the company were formed in 1995 when Phil joined Land Rover on a four-year engineering apprenticeship, working on the last of the Range Rover Classics. In 2009, Phil started trading independently and subsequently opened Twenty-Ten Engineering in 2010 based in Stirchley, Birmingham. The business quickly outgrew both the initial premises and subsequent workshops, also in south Birmingham. In 2015, the business moved to Redditch where it is still located today. In 2017, the business added a paint and body shop to ensure control of the full restoration process and in 2020, we commenced building our purpose-designed workshops, also in Redditch ahead of a move in 2022.

Limited Company
Further growth in staff numbers
Paint and body shop opens
July 2019
Featured on Salvage Hunters – Classic Cars
November 2019
Demolition of old building
Sole trader
First full-time employee starts 2013
Move from Stirchley to larger premises
Move again to larger premises
2018 - 2019
Featured in Land Rover International magazine
July 2019
New Building starts
November 2020

Build Your Perfect Super Classic

Why not map out your dream Classic through our configurator? From 2-door to 4-door, standard wheelbase to LSE, a multitude of colours and wheel combinations. Your bespoke design gives you the opportunity to envision your preferences from the comfort of your home.

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