The Range Rover Autobiography has been one of the premium models of the Range Rover line for over twenty years now. It boasts luxury, design, and sophistication. 

As you can see, we carry out complete refurbishments and rebuilds, transforming what once may have been a battered old, barely working, Classic Range Rover, into a fully functioning vehicle that you can use every day or just for special occasions. 

This Classic Range Rover Autobiography had definitely seen better days when it was brought into us, however, the team at TWENTY-TEN Engineering were not perturbed and, after completely stripping this Autobiography down, restored the Range Rover to its original specifications.

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Build Your Perfect Super Classic

Why not map out your dream Classic through our configurator? From 2-door to 4-door, standard wheelbase to LSE, a multitude of colours and wheel combinations. Your bespoke design gives you the opportunity to envision your preferences from the comfort of your home.

Drawing of Range Rover