CSK 142 – Bringing Life Back to a Limited Edition

At TWENTY-TEN Engineering we are very proud of every single project we complete and take pride in every single aspect of our workmanship. Every single Range Rover that we carry out work on is a Range Rover that we are proud to showcase.

CSK edition 142 ( of only 200)

The Range Rover CSK is named after the man who originally designed the two door Range Rover over two decades ago, Charles Spencer King, and is limited edition with only 200 made. It goes without saying that even though this is a stunning Range Rover, it’s special given that each one has its own plaque which is numbered. 

We restored CSK number 142 to its original specification and given just how special this Classic Range Rover is, we had it photographed in a stunning location. You can see how the TWENTY-TEN team pay attention to detail, both on exterior and interior, and add in touches such as including a cassette that was top of the charts when the classic Range Rover was originally manufactured.

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Drawing of Range Rover

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