Bespoke Customisation of the Overfinch

The Overfinch is the Ultimate Range Rover. Designed and manufactured since 1975, the Overfinch has an unparalleled heritage of unrivalled innovation. An Overfinch could literally be tailored to an individual’s requirements or desires with an unexhaustive list of upgrades to meet each individual’s needs. Each Overfinch has a plaque inside stating that it has been customised by Overfinch. 

Custom Overfinch project

This Overfinch Classic Range Rover had obviously been given a lot of love in its younger years but had then, unfortunately, been left without any for a while from what we could ascertain when it was brought to us. The team at TWENTY-TEN researched the custom specification that this Overfinch had originally had and restored it back to it’s former glory. 

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Build Your Perfect Super Classic

Why not map out your dream Classic through our configurator? From 2-door to 4-door, standard wheelbase to LSE, a multitude of colours and wheel combinations. Your bespoke design gives you the opportunity to envision your preferences from the comfort of your home.

Drawing of Range Rover